to have a developed sustainable tree farming industry in the Philippines


to prepare the members of the association for FSC certification and to promote fair prices in the tree farming industry


1.  Promote the individual and collective business interests of its members by facilitating access to available public and private land for sustainable tree farming activities, high-quality  seedlings, affordable credit facility, technology transfer, as well as best industry practices for harvesting timber and processing into finished products, tapping qualified support services, to strengthen market network to tap both export and local demands for raw lumber as well as finished products.

2.  Curb illegal logging, denudation of forest lands, promote reforestation, prevent exploitation of small plantation owners and otherwise spread the gospel of certifiable environment friendly and sustainable development, management and utilization of private and public timberlands and act as self-regulatory mechanism by policing its own ranks of members against such illegal practices.

3.  Generate business and employment opportunities in the countryside to decongest urban centers and spread the wealth to rural residents and indigenous people by creating linkages with the DENR and the LGUs for sustainable tree farm development, management and utilization of privately and publicly-owned barren lands.

4.  Prepare the local hard wood industry for regional Integration of economies by serving as a local liaison office for individual or collective certification by international accreditation bodies, tie-up with other national and international organizations engaged in related activities as well as the establishment of an industry club to provide a platform for members to socialize and exchange ideas and information on the latest developments affecting the industry.